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Adriana Lima's still one of the most stunning females alive

01.21.2016by: No Cool Handle

Do you ever have those self aware moments when you ask yourself: How often am I just talking out of my ass? I had one this morning when I came across these elegant images of Ariana Lima. Yesterday, in regards to Sandra Kubicka, I wrote: These are transitional times were living in; old standards like Adriana Lima, and other familiar lingerie models are aging out, providing opportunities for unfamiliar faces to fill the void left by their inevitable departure. If calling Adriana Lima "standard" isn't talking out of your ass, I don't what is. The fact that her beauty is anything but standard is precisely the reason she's yet to age out of her profession (34 is like 167 in lingerie model years). She will no doubt be remembered as one of history's most beautiful ladies - a Helen of Troy for the modern age. The blue-eyed, Brazilian babe is waiting for your attention. You see to that, while I go engage in some self-chastisement. I need a good whooping after speaking such blasphemy.

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