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Adriana Lima works the sexy eye voodoo like few can

02.11.2016by: Droz

It's good to see Brazil's finest Adriana Lima bringing the sexy again. Once her varsity gig at Victoria's Secret ended, I feared she'd hang 'em up for good as a model. Turns out she was just biding her time, setting herself up for that transition to perpetual modelling, which is how they do it nowadays. There's no such thing as retirement for models anymore. Now they just downshift into more reasonable hours, doing a magazine cover here, a fashion spread there. Not quite as crazy as their former lives, but still in the modelling loop, so to speak. Who needs VS anyway? There are a ton of places in need of Adriana's South American spice to heat up the pages of their dull magazines. Take Garage magazine, who just recently released a comic themed series pandering to geeks by having models assume the identities of various Marvel characters. Adriana plays She-Hulk, supposedly.

Adriana Garage She-Hulk

The only problem is that she totally isn't She-Hulk here. That cover is just a pic of Adriana and then they put her in a green outfit in the actual spread. Clearly Garage didn't have the guts to really give her the full on Hulk treatment. If they really wanted to portray Adriana as the Gamma radiation infected heroine, they would have done something more like this:

Adriana Garage She-Hulk True
Much better.

Source: NSFW


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