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Adriana Lima saves her hottest bikinis for when she's off duty

07.11.2016by: Droz

We all know a significant portion of Adriana Lima's personal wealth comes from her bikini modelling. Girl has spent the better part of two decades helping to set the standard for how such modelling is done in the 21st century and getting paid royally for her efforts. Of course, everyone has to have some time to themselves (everyone who isn't an American anyway. We're expected to work ourselves nonstop into early graves here). Ironically, Adriana's time to herself isn't all that different from her working hours, as evidenced by her vacation to Mykonos last weekend. I can't blame Adriana for choosing warm Grecian beaches for her vacation over the warm Brazilian beaches she calls home. Going for a dip down there right now might just involve you sharing the waters with a corpse. Or even worse, going home with an incurable disease or two. Yeah, I'll gladly take a fiscally ruined Mediterranean paradise over that on any day of the week - especially if my beach is being shared by Adriana inexplicably not falling out of her almost pointless bikini top. Good to see you still got your hot stuff, Adriana.

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