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Adriana Lima pairs some sexy tan lines with her ample cleavage

06.09.2016by: Droz

One thing I feel is sadly overlooked in much of our present day images of sexuality are tan lines. Way back in Playboy's heyday, tan lines were a frequently utilized means of implying that you were seeing something you shouldn't be, namely those areas which were supposed to be covered up and secret. Yeah, we don't really have much use for this kind of quaint form of titillation anymore, what with the readily available imagery of the nastiest, most disgusting sex you could ever imagine at your finger tips 24/7. Still, as a witness to some of that early porn methodology, I carry a torch for the power of tan lines. Which is why it was kinda nice to see Adriana Lima bringing back that old tradition with her cleavage dress. Who would have thought a Brazilian hottie from the land of barely covered bodies, would have time for that old school look. Now I like her even more.

Source: NSFW


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