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Adriana Lima is her own hottest spokesmodel at Ocean Drive party

03.24.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Adriana Lima always has been one of my favorite models, from the time that she first caught my eye as the then-new Angel over at Victoria's Secret, so striking with her dark hair and bright blue peepers. Then there was this whole storyline where she supposedly was a virgin (and yet dated Lenny Kravitz, which, come on... you can't be dating that hunk of a man and not want to get some) which made her even more interesting. As she's gotten older, gotten married, had a couple of kids, gotten divorced, maintained her position as the top Angel in the stable and started launching her own stuff, Lima has gradually loosened up and started showing more personality. She doesn't try to always be a sexpot but at the same time, the more fun and free she acts, the more sexy she is. Looking at her pointing to the big cardboard cutout of her cover of Ocean Drive magazine makes me wonder if she missed her calling as a Barker's beauty type of game show spokesmodel. Hell, I know I'd have a more vested interest in Wheel of Fortune if it was Adriana we got to look at for 30+ years.
Source: Daily Mail


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