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Adriana Lima finds a new place to radiate her Brazilian heat

04.28.2016by: Droz

Despite her homeland's steady decline into chaos and political strife 100 days before the Olympics it's presumably still hosting, Adriana Lima continues to get better and better as time rolls on. I was sad to see her wind down much of her modelling duties with Victoria's Secret recently. I'm not sure if she's completely off their roster of supermodels or just relegated to special teams. All I know is that you don't see her doing any more of their periodic new line spreads anymore, which may be why she's now showing off her legendary bod for Calzedonia lingerie and beachwear and looking just as good doing so. There's a borderline excessive amount of Photoshopping going on here, but such is the case with most of these sorts of spreads. Despite this editing, 95% of what you see below is all Adriana. That's not too bad for a 35-year-old woman.

Source: Calzedonia


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