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Abigail Ratchfords' stimulating ZOO spread

09.28.2015by: No Cool Handle

Since she's not a movie star or anyone of any particular talent (besides skilled at using social media), here's an excerpt from the bodacious Abigail Ratchfords' about – straight from her official website: "Abigail Ratchford, born in Pennsylvania, is an American model and aspiring actress known for taking the Internet by storm in 2013. Abigail's deft use of social media, combined with the provocative pictures showcasing the brunette's 36DD-24-36 frame, proved a winning combination. "

Hyperbole aside – she hardly took the Internet by storm – this is just one of many stories about how social media has made it very easy for those willing to show off their assets to the masses to garner a large following made up of compulsive masturbators. And what a magnificent pair of assets she has... even if they are enhanced. I love raven haired beauties with hazel eyes. She has done many suggestive photo shoots and some slightly see-through stuff, but, she's yet to fully flash the world an unobstructed view of her headlights. God willing, we're not far from that.



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