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Abigail Ratchford loves pushing the bounds of good taste

03.31.2016by: No Cool Handle

And we can't help but love her for it. As far as your atypical blonde with little to no talent and enormous tits go, Abigail Ratchford sets herself apart by being a brunette with little to no talent and enormous tits. Maybe that's a little harsh seeing how she hasn't been around long enough for me to cast those kind of aspersions. Who knows? She may be on the brink of being the next multitalented megastar and I'm just too distracted by her big, fake fun bags to notice. Thinking on it a bit, I suppose a total disregard for nuance, subtlety and tasteful discretion is a talent unto itself; in this regard she's a total Renaissance woman and she's brought her equally brazen ally – whose face is unfamiliar to me – out for a night on the town; a duet sporting a quartet of huge boobs.

Extra Tidbit: Stop pumping collagen into your lips!
Source: egotastic


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