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Abigail Breslin gives Ariel Winter a run for her big boobied money

06.13.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Much like the entire world, I love me some good boobs. I'm not particular - they can be big, small, athletic, adorned with giant areolas, nipples pierced, tattooed, all that good stuff. There are some ugly boobs out there in the world but boobs are like pizza; Even when they're bad, they're still edible. Abigail Breslin has a top-notch set of breasts that grew in early on (anyone remember her bra flashing scene in NEW YEAR'S EVE?) and developed into a wonderful treat that Breslin chooses to parcel out to us when the mood so suits her. At the Greenwich Film Festival in Connecticut over this past weekend, Abigail was on hand with her more-than-a-handful set of beautifully pale tatas, smirking her way through photographs because she knows what you're looking at and she's not impressed with your obsession. I'm looking forward to seeing Breslin return to the scene of the crime when season two of "Scream Queens" starts up again this fall. They might have made fun of a lot of dicey subjects in the first season but never once did they pull that bullshit "fatty" card that her detractors do. Just because she's a healthy weight doesn't make her fat, don't get that twisted from the brainwashing Hollywood has done.
Source: Daily Mail


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