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Abbey Lee Kershaw in revealing attire for the Gods of Egypt premiere

02.26.2016by: No Cool Handle

Yes, I'm going to use a section called Movie Hotties as a hot button issue forum for the next few pargraphs. It's true, there seems to be a double standard when it comes to casting for film; but is the root of this problem overt racism? How can it be when Hollywood's run by "the liberals?" I think part of the problem is the same reason studio heads opt for a PG-13 rating whenever they can; it's a mathematical calculation to maximize profits. Always the dollars, always the f*#king dollars. The racism part comes in to play when movie patrons can't stand the thought of a black storm trooper, but love the idea of seeing Scottish actor, Gerard Butler, playing an Egyptian God. In China, movies with predominantly black actors don't do as well, so it's hardly just an issue among white American's.

                                    Don't worry; we're still about the boobs. Click the photo if you don't believe me

What bothers me even more is: I don't know whether to be pissed at, or feel sorry for directors like Alex Proyas, who's movies I admired greatly growing up. On one hand, it's a creative imperative for the director to bring a level of authenticity to a visual medium like film. So when he casts whiter than snow, Abbey Lee Kershaw, as the Egyptian goddess Anat, it calls his judgment, and, his creative integrity into question. On the other hand, if he wants to helm $140 million dollar spectacle, he has to do what the suits say – unlike the director, they're all about the bottom line. It's the symbiotic relationship equivalent to a dolphin and a great the hell would that even work?

I just thought I would add a little perspective before I come to the real reason I'm here; to share – with this many of you as I can – beautiful images of model turned actress, Abbey Lee Kershaw. She showed up to the premiere of GODS OF EGYPT looking white hot. See what I did there? I first took notice of this sexy Aussie when she played the oppressed wife of Immortan Joe in Mad Max: Furry Road. The wife that accused Max of only eating fat dicks. See the definition of the word schlanger if you think I'm misquoting her. Why even bring that up? Because I love associating incredibly hot ladies like her with eating schlanger that's why. Systemic racism will hopefully diminish in time, but misogyny will endure through the ages. So says the African shaman; Irish born, No Cool Handle.

Source: Got CelebNSFW


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