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Abbey Lee Kershaw makes being provocative look easy

07.22.2016by: No Cool Handle

Yes, when you're born with an assorted collection of tantalizing endowments, the ability to be provocative is more of a byproduct than it is a skill one spends years honing. This makes an Aussie hottie like Abbey Lee Kershaw an obvious candidate for a lingerie company named Agent Provocateur. She's this season's face (and body) of their summer of '16 campaign; a damn fine choice if you ask me. The slinky model had me the first time she told Mad Max he only eats dick. I've been a fan of her wonderfully chiseled abs and long, slender pins ever since I first became acquainted. This artsy photo shoot only serves to further feed my appetite for blonde babes, born and bred Down Under. I do have one gripe, and this goes for all hotties being photographed: The whole single expression thing is a major distraction; change it up a bit, and try to look like you're having as much fun creating these images as we are using them at our own, private, discretion.


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