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Abbey Lee Kershaw looks Yankee Doodle Dandy wrapped in the American flag

01.26.2017by: No Cool Handle

I'm not sure what Calvin Klein is trying to say with this new ad campaign (Make America Sexy Again?) featuring the super-hot Abbey Lee Kershaw, her naked body wrapped in the Stars & Stripes, but I know I like it. This is the kind of overt, patriotic propaganda anyone with pride in their country can get on board with. Don't expect bold primaries to come leaping off your computer monitor, though. Calvin Klein sticks to the usual black-and-white photography they're ads are known for – a misstep, if you ask me. If ever there was a time to saturate their imagery, this was it. We'll have to wait and see if any colorful outtakes show up on the web. That aside, there's plenty of visually pleasing incentives to spend time checking out the sexy intricacies of Abby Lee. That beautiful body rolling around on the floor, her angelic face, those perfect breast, so close to being set free – take your pick.

Source: Maxim


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