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A wee bit of Krysten Ritter side boob at the Jessica Jones premiere

11.18.2015by: No Cool Handle

As if Daredevil – Netflix's first foray into Marvel's grittier, street-level superhero lore – wasn't enough to spark an interest in the up-and-coming Jessica Jones series, we get Krysten Ritter using the side of her breast at the premier to amp up interest. Again, another example of the new cut-out trend; this time it's just two strategically placed cuts along the laterals, ensuring at least some exposure of her unsupported boobs. I know very little about this particular comic book hero (except that she has some sort of telepathic ability), but since Marvel is using the uncensored platform of Netflix to ramp up the violence – can we get some graphic superhero sexual encounters? I've always wanted to see what sex with a telepath would entail... just not involving Patrick Stewart. This hottie may not exactly be the standard bearer for sexy, however, if these photos prove anything, she can at least get the blood flowing in the right direction. 

Source: hawtcelebs


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