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A trifecta of Ashley Greene sexiness

02.08.2016by: No Cool Handle

Ashley Greene showed some real promise at the beginning of her career. I'm not talking about her command performance in the 'Twilight' series, I'm talking about her willingness to embrace all things sexy. We got some early pictorials of her in sheer tank tops, nips fully engorged. Body paint for Sobe water. Then those glorious hacked photos from the fappening where it was proven, Ms. Greene looks better without clothes by way of full frontal selfies. Like her career, her whirlwind tour of internet sexiness stagnated – flat lined is more like it. Photos of Sasquatch became more commonplace, more commonplace until last week that is. She made several appearances to different events and used them as an opportunity to remind those of us who care to know; she can still provide lustful imagery. Among these pics you'll find a nice assortment of cleavage, legs and backless dresse on full display for a red carpet, paparazzi feeding frenzy. Now all we need is the triumphant, tit-baring return, photo set. I know she has it in her.

Source: Got CelebGot Celeb


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