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A Tribute To Olga!

11.21.2007by: Seth Gecko

Is it just me or is a woman with a Russian dialect the sexiest thing ever? The first time I ever heard Famke Janssen speak like that in "Goldeneye", I nearly passed out and I was only 8 years old at the time. Ever since that, Russian dialects have always given me naughty thoughts and so many actresses have pulled it off so well. However, one particular actress may just blow them all the way because she is both super-hot and was actually born and raised in Moscow. At the tender age of 28, Olga Kurylenko has become quite the sex symbol from the time that she started acting in France many years ago to this point in her career. Since then, she's been on a steady incline towards become a massive star on the big-screen.

Therefore, we dedicate this post to Olga on a very important day in her career. As most of you know already, Olga is the leading babe in the comic-book adaption, "Hitman" which hits theatres today. The movie may not be receiving the most positive buzz but you can be damn certain that Olga will definitely turn some heads as she plays a hot prostitute in the film who tries to seduce Agent 47 into some hot luvin'. She later becomes a big part of the story and travels with him while he kills a lot more bad guys.

To dedicate this special day to Olga, here is a group of some of her hottest photos ever taken just in case you need convincing that she is indeed a beautiful woman as well as a fantastic clip of her in the French film, "Le Serpent". If you'd like an even closer look at Olga's "features", I suggest that you click here. So we'd like to thank and wish good luck to Olga in her endeavors and hope that we see her again very soon. Enjoy!



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