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A tight dress gets Emmanuelle Chriqui glowing white hot

05.09.2017by: Droz

I can't think of any occasion when Emmanuelle Chriqui doesn't have a certain hotness to her, though there's an extra special something happening when you slip her into tight things, which is why such outfits are the preferred method of Emmanuelle delivery. Speaking of Emmanuelle deliveries, we don't get enough of those. I go online to all the usual places where they have Emmanuelle, but she's almost always unavailable. This pains me, as she one of the select few hotties who can put me in a good mood with a few choice pics. But again, there are ways of getting an Emmanuelle fix which are better than others. Seeing her doing stuff like showing off her excellent back boobs and doing lap dances for other hotties, for instance. These are definitely the most potent way to get your Emmanuelle fix.

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