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A taste of the upcoming Charlotte McKinney British GQ spread

11.04.2015by: No Cool Handle

Sure Charlotte McKinney is famous for being a walking, talking pair of ginormous tits; big deal. There's room for all sorts - right?. British GQ seems to think so also: here's a taste of her upcoming photo spread featuring full-bodied photos of this blondes stimulating anatomy. It's always a curious thing, what photographers choose to put in their composition. Why you need a giant Doberman standing next to her half naked self is anybody's guess. It did inspire a chuckle though; the dog is looking at her vag out of the corner of his eye, and it's always funny to ad lib what a dog is thinking in a moment such as this. You always see those photos on Facebook of dogs wearing a sign around their neck confessing some urinary or fecal indiscretion. Comment below to express what a sign around this Doberman's neck might say.

Seeing how only three photos from this shoot have been released so far; I added in some nice ass shots of her in a slutty Halloween costume because that's the kind of guy I am. 



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