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A sexy sneak peek at Victoria Justice in an upcoming Kode Magazine spread

10.19.2016by: No Cool Handle

To this day, there is arguably no other Victoria Justice photo shoot as sexy as the one she did for KODE Magazine back in March of 2015. It's easily my favorite, so you can imagine the overly excited reaction I had when coming across this image denoting a 2016 follow-up for their fall/winter issue. It looks as though they're on track to either meet or surpass the sexy visual splendor of the proceeding shoot. Victoria has been quite adamant over just how provocative she lets her pictorials get –  at most, a very soft PG-13 rating – but KODE Mag seems to be able to coax a little more skin out of her; we'll have to wait and see. Since there's only one preview shot I've included images from her collaboration with Danielle Kosann. Just beyond the basket of French fries is a nice bit of cleavage. The shoot would suggest Victoria to have some kind of fetish with French fries, but based off of that perfect figure, I have a hard time believing those things to be a regular part of her diet.

Source: KodeNS4W


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