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A series of swimsuits prove Arianny Celeste is one in a million

05.09.2017by: Droz

According to the New York Post article these pics of Arianny Celeste come from, she is the first UFC ring girl to see her eye candy duties for testosterone junkies translate into official millionaire status. Think about that. Arianny stands around being bangable and now she's got a million dollars. That's pretty incredible, not because she's got an especially hard job or anything. It's just amazing what an incredible body and pretty face can accomplish in this world. I've been to UFC fights and I've sat literally feet away from Arianny as she encircles a ring with a numbered sign. It's probably the last thing in the world anyone should be getting a million dollars to do. However, if one were to suggest she has a million dollar body, I don't think could argue that point.

Source: New York Post


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