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A rare sighting of Ashley Olsen in a swimsuit is a booty-ful thing

09.27.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I vaguely remember watching an episode of "The Surreal Life" and Dave Coulier getting pissed at the guy from New Kids on the Block for suggesting that the twins from "Full House" were of age and kinda hot. And I even more vaguely remember when that was the actual case for Mary Kate Olsen and her sister Ashley Olsen but then the fashion world came along and the eating disorders and the layers and layers of hobo clothing they would wear all over New York, shadows of the cute teen girls they briefly were. Being millionaires, they obviously can do whatever the hell they want and be whomever the hell they choose to be, but I'm fascinated by the fact that they're still rich and yet not really in the public eye anymore. On a vacation in France, the curtain came down and the wizard came out in the form of Ashley's well rounded, hardly see ass, showing off that she's still got the punch it takes to knock a boy bander out. For comparison, I'm adding a couple of images of Mary Kate in a two piece, without comment. I said WITHOUT COMMENT and I'm sticking to that!

Source: ET Online


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