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Pythons are putty in Caitlin O'connor's hands

03.22.2017by: No Cool Handle

Now that I know Caitlin O'Connor is comfortable with cold-blooded, slimy creatures crawling all over her naked body I should post my contact information on one of her social media accounts. You may remember this little minx from the series finale of Two and a Half Men or from those brief appearances on Tosh. 0 and Key & Peele; she's graced the pages of Playboy (before the nude embargo) and gave an unforgettable performance as Lesbian #1 in a low-budget movie called Neighbros. This hotties and nothing if not a hard worker. Speaking of hard, only an evil minion of Satan like the Python could remain could remain flaccid in Caitlin's grip. I need to be introduced to that bottom feeder's agent; I want to know the secret to landing a gig that requires me to slither across the bare breasts of a very fine C movie actress. I'm sure, the photographer thought he had the best job in the world, but I'd take the snake's position over his.

Source: NS4W


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