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A preggo Chrissy Teigen definitely has its appeal

02.23.2016by: Cherry Liquor

She can get a little bit annoying if LL lets her go off script on "Lip Sync Battle" but for the most part, I find Chrissy Teigen and her wackiness endearing and downright charming in the appropriate situations. I follow Chrissy's Instagram and love that she has a sense of humour about herself and the position she gets to play in the world, as well as her openness that is lacking with the majority of celebrities these days. While some are willing to overshare titty shots and the like, Chrissy is refreshingly real about her struggle to get pregnant and what she had to go through while doing her latest shoot with Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition.

"I was doing IVF during the shoot," Chrissy explained. "I was getting my shots and everything in Zanzibar, I had a little medical kit. It was hard because you bloat from it, and you bruise...if I hit the wrong area. That’s the kind of thingwe had to cover with makeup."

All that hard work and dedication paid off; Teigen is pregnant with a baby girl due sometime in late April. And if there are people who complain that a pregnant lady is being featured in a post here, just focus on those boobs and remember: they're going to get even bigger and Chrissy is a proponent of showing them off. 

Source: CelebMafia


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