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A Kimberley Garner bikini photoshoot is always news

03.16.2016by: Droz

It seems to be a day for hot blondes in bikinis. Next up is Kimberley Garner, seen doing yet another photoshoot for her line of beachwear. I don't know how this woman manages to get every inch of her body screaming "do me" in unison, but the results are impressive every time. Fans of Kimberley have their favorite aspects of her. Some find her especially beautiful. Some like her taste in attire. Maybe someone else is all about those long legs of hers. Me, I like her ass. Nothing new about that. My eyes always seem to fall upon that part of a hottie's body first. Actually, I like Kimberley's whole midsection. From that compact yet fleshy ass of hers, all the way around to the toned abs, she's just all kinds of great shapes to look at. Too bad I'll never know what it must be like to take things further there with her. She looks like a whole lot of fun.

Source: GotCeleb


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