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A little more of Emily Ratajkowski showing a lot

08.02.2016by: Droz

Far be it from me to ignore an occasion when Emily Ratajkowski finds cause to let out some perfect cleavage. It was those boobs which made most of us aware of Emily in the first place. I wonder about the impact they have divested from the gratuitous nudity which used to be just as integral a hallmark to EmRat's fame. Do you still feel the same about her now that she's doing the saucy yet mostly PG-13 fashion spreads? If I'm gonna be honest with myself, I'd have to answer that one in the negative. Emily is always going to be hot, but there was an excitement factor to her back in those Blurred Lines days. Those were the times when each day brought a new reminder of how awesome Emily looks naked, followed by anticipation for the next nude awesomeness which was usually just around the corner. We don't get that so much anymore. Now it's a lot of tastefully revealing modelling spreads and the occasional bad movie. I wouldn't turn those down, but they do tend to pale against the old EmRat goodness. Alas, poor naked Emily. We hardly knew ye.

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