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A little more Hilary Duff, this time giving curbside selfie service

10.12.2016by: Droz

You know Hilary Duff loves her fans if someone can pull up to her in a parking lot and get a selfie with her without ever leaving their car. Makes me wish I frequented her hang outs so I too could have me a special moment with our favorite big ass owner. I wonder though, would it be an asshole move on my part to ask her for a butt selfie with her glorious ass? Not only do I think that would not fly, I'm sure I'd get myself a face full of some personal security guy's fist and probably a restraining order for my trouble, thus putting a dent in the whole concept of it never hurting to ask. Then again, who knows? I'm sure Hilary is quite aware of the love her ass generates in the hearts and pants of people the world over. You can't blame a guy for wanting to get as close to his dreams as possible.

Source: NSFW


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