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A little Minka Kelly downblouse goes a long way

04.29.2016by: No Cool Handle

As long as Minka Kelly wears a blouse, there will always be something to look down. It not only serves to keep misfit photographers in buisness, intrusively plying their trade, it allows for the brunette temptress to remain in her own slightly illuminated corner of the proverbial spotlight, as well. Oh, if only she dropped her car keys. As it stands, we only see her slightly leaning towards the camera. A sudden case of butterfingers would have provided the definitive Minka Kelly downblouse; not that these won't suffice. I can't even tell what really sets this candid photo set apart; other than the fact she looks really fine. Can you help me out? It can't be just the sumptuous cleavage, can it? Is it the way the light's hitting her; is it the way that long, flowing hair hangs over the side of her face? Or, is it that smile? - A smile that simultaneously suggests she's an approachable hottie, and a hottie who relishes in the attetion she's recieving. Perhaps it's all that shit - you tell me.

Source: ns4w


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