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A little bit of Jamie Chung is better than none

02.09.2016by: No Cool Handle

So here's the always sexy Jamie Chung attending some 'New Era' event looking very fine – nothing is going to make your eyes pop out of your head though. So it goes with this reluctant lass; it's a shame she's continually practices strict, conservative fashion. By her standards, this dress – which shows a fair amount of boob cleft – is slutty. Long have I awaited the day where we finally get to see what's going on underneath. The more time that goes by, the more I'm forced to accept this is the best it's gonna get. Enough whining about what might be, let's look at what is; revealing or not, she looks completely, smoking hot all done up and doing the town. Because I only follow celebrity news in passing, I have no idea who's getting to enjoy her on a nightly basis – or who she's dated in the past for that matter. Whoever they are, they belong to one of the most exclusive clubs on the planet – the few chosen ones who've seen Miss Chung in all her natural glory. Maybe one day one of them will write a book and at least we can get an accurate description.

Source: Got Celeb


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