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A Katy Perry by any other name would look as hot

05.19.2016by: Droz

I've been doing my best to not let Katy Perry's bang buddy situation with Orlando Bloom negatively impact my opinion of her. That damn guy pisses me off with all his banging hot women abilities. Just the whole idea of Katy being susceptible to such douches makes me irritable. I was concerned the two of them frolicking around Cannes, no doubt in a constant state of post coital bliss, was going to do nothing to help out with my negativity there. Fortunately Katy at Cannes moments like the ones highlighted below were there to help me out a little. I feel better looking at Katy walking around lush gardens in her rose dress thing with the curves undulating around her. It at least gives me a reminder about why I've enjoyed Katy in the past. It's gonna take a little longer to eliminate the image of Orlando violating her epic tits in various unmentionable ways. Ugh...FML.

Source: NSFW


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