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A Julianne Hough bikini yacht party looks like a blast

03.16.2016by: Droz

I'm sure it's nothing but a party for Julianne Hough now that she no longer has to spend her time dancing with awkward D-list celebs for any more seasons of Dancing With The Stars. Unfortunately the rest of us with moms devoted to that show will still have to hear all about it's ridiculous goings on repeatedly when the new season starts. I'd very much prefer to be on a boat with Julianne and company, watching them loosen up with some booze and spread clips of each other puking overboard across social media. What else are you gonna do on a boat in the ocean? Watch the sunsets? I'm just gonna fall asleep. Go swimming? Are you kidding? Didn't you hear about all those starving sharks coming to shore, looking to lunch on some fresh human? No thank you. Nah, I'd much rather wait for Julianne to put on some beer goggles and go in search of a companion for some fun below decks fun. Sounds like the perfect way to spend one's time on a yacht.

Source: Superior Pics


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