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A flock of Victoria's Secret Angels lands on Miami Beach

03.15.2017by: No Cool Handle

Anyone lucky enough to be on Miami Beach the other day was treated to one hell of a rare spectacle. A congregation of Victoria's Secret Angels came down from celestial paradise and walked amongst us mortals; not wearing the kind of long, white robes depicted in religious paintings and Christian postcards. No, these particular angels came wearing lacy undergarments, baring as much flesh as their Lord and Master deemed tasteful, lest they be cast into eternal hellfire for tempting man with a bounty of bosoms and butts. God has tested man in many ruthless and unfair ways, but this one is worthy of a few new verses in the Bible. It's a test made to fail.

Looking at a profile shot of Taylor Marie Hill, Jasmine Tookes, Sara Sampaio, Josephine Skriver, Elsa Hosk, Romee Strijd, Stella Maxwell and Lais Ribeiro, walking lockstep in the middle of the frame, makes me think I'm looking at a porn parody of RESERVOIR DOGS. This stockpile of Victoria's Secret's top billers were certainly in their sexy element, not clamoring for a little piece of the frame, but flocking in tandem to the entire group's benefit. Just as with all beautiful birds, the movement of the flock is governed collectively by all of the members, responding to changes in direction and speed as if they were of one mind; the mark of any true underwear model. These girls need to perform with such precision – it's in their job description – which is why they undergo a methodical selection process before Victoria's Secret bestows upon them their very own set of wings. On this most auspicious day, they've all certainly earned every feather.

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