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A Christina Milian beach bikini extravaganza

10.05.2015by: No Cool Handle

I don't think I should've used the word extravaganza in the title; I looked it up and apparently it doesn't translate into: A shit ton of photos. That probably would've been much more accurate. This is the photo-cataloging equivalent to hoarding. Apparently this photographer has never snapped a still he/she didn't like... but I understand. When you catch Christina Milian on vaca, frolicking along the Miami Beach coastal area in a skimpy, soaking wet bikini – it's probably difficult to narrow down this set of photos too a more manageable size; so I didn't. There are more ass shots among these photos than in the Proctologists' Guide to a Happy Sphincter. I don't want to slow you down with too many words, seeing how it might take the better part of the afternoon just to give all of these photos the attention they deserve... so get to.

Source: hawtcelebs


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