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A bunch of fine hotties showed up for children and expensive jewelry

02.18.2015by: Droz

Bulgari held one of their high profile charity events last night for all the fashion shit that's going on right now. And just like every other company taking advantage of the famous hotties' desire for the latest in overpriced fashion, Bulgari had a few famous ladies walk their red carpet to give their cause a little celebrity flash. This time around it's a Save the Children thing, no doubt a cause they support to keep themselves far removed from the evil blood diamond industry that continues to be a cancerous aspect within their business of global jewelry sales. It's a good cause, but what do women like Katheryn Winnick, Camilla Luddington, Lyndsey Fonseca or Alexandra Daddario need with flashy jewelry? I don't think a big diamond ring or a gold necklace is going to improve any more on their already established hotness. Anyway, who is going to notice the Katheryn's pretty diamond earrings when she's got her impressive tits poking out? No one will care that Camilla and Lyndsy are wearing their Bulgari rings for the cause, thanks to their sexy tight dresses. Few will stop to ponder the potential reasons why Alexandra isn't wearing any jewelry at all - not with those hypnotizing eyes lulling the assembled crowd into a deep trance.

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