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A blonde Sophie Turner has no problem making her presence known

08.17.2016by: No Cool Handle

The reason fantasy epics like GAME OF THRONES resonate with so many people is because, although they're filled to the brim with a bunch of make-believe hokum, much of the series' themes and characters reflect reality – it's that whole "art using lies to tell the truth," thing. For instance: This last season we witnessed Sansa Stark really coming into her own, just as we – back in reality – have been privy to Sophie Turner's becoming. And, much like in the show, it's been a captivating journey thus far. That form flaunting dress (chosen for Variety's 'Power of Young Hollywood' event) is nothing short of a revelation; mostly because it shows how hard the Hollywood youngster is working to keep everything tightened up. As for the selection of color? They say green represents vitality, wealth and growth – and is, paradoxically, calming and invigorating. Seems about right to me. I can definitely attest to the 'growth' part. All there is to do now is sit back and watch Sophie Turner's sexy character arc continue to play out.

Extra Tidbit: What do you think of the blonde hair?
Source: NS4W


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