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A blindfolded Kelly Brook searches for things...with her tongue

03.01.2013by: Droz

My inclination is to give Kelly Brook exalted status by virtue of her spectacular body, which probably amuses you English folks who know her for more than just her various magazine spreads and candid bikini photos. The other half of the truth is that Kelly does a lot of what some might consider "low brow" TV stuff as well, like the ITV2 show Celebrity Juice. I've been catching up on some of Kelly's appearances on the show lately and in the process getting an understanding of what this show is all about. Basically, it's like a dirty, celebrity game show, hosted by Keith Lemon, a weird horn dog of a guy who is essentially Benny Hill reborn as a game show host. Sure, it's not the most sophisticated thing ever, but I kind of like it. It's funny, occasionally a little dirty, and plenty good for a laugh or two. I have no idea who most of the guests are, but if you're in the mood for some naughty humor at the expense of hot women, check out this NSFW clip below of Kelly and friend searching and finding certain unexpected things with their tongues.

Source: Superior Pics


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