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A glass of vino helps make Jennifer Lawrence joyous

12.16.2015by: Droz

I feel kind of sorry for all the movies coming out now, during what's usually the season for Oscar contenders. Normally we'd be speculating on which movie or actor was the front runner for this prize or that honor, but all that talk is getting brushed aside by this STAR WARS juggernaut. That includes the films of sacred Hollywood hotties like Jennifer Lawrence, who's doing her due diligence for her JOY movie despite the movie-going audience's almost total distraction by the impending opening of that most epic of returns to cinemas. Fortunately, Jennifer is just as fun to look at as anything Han Solo and company have to offer. Ply her with a glass of wine and things get even more fun, as Seth Meyer so adeptly did for her appearance on this show the other night. Too bad about her Oscar bid getting shoved in the corner, but I'm sure she has another already lined up. There's also that one last go around with her blue-skinned ass in X-MEN: APOCALYPSE next summer. So no worries for Jen. She be just fine.

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