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Charlie Riina in a white hot Maxim photoshoot

02.24.2016by: No Cool Handle

​Charlie Riina is taking a break from her regular gig, using her ginormous fake tits to sell 138 water, so she can use her ginormous fake tits to sell a few issues of Maxim magazine. I hope this is a pre-release photo set because the photographer seems to have forgotten to capitalize on her two greatest assets. These are still pretty hot [though], thanks to the seductive views of her gorgeous face. In case you're not familiar with this busty model: she got her start like many sexy ladies... she showed her tits for Playboy magazine. Being that woman usually choose to do such things when their options are fairly limited, it probably comes as no surprise – at the age of 34 – she's pretty much doing the exact same thing. So what? I'm glad females as fine as this are capable of suppressing higher aspirations to stick with a cushy gig. She's kind of the equivalent of a game show host; that's not exactly prestigious trade, but it's definitely one you can milk the shit out of for easy personal gains.

Source: Maxim


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