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6 year old Alexandra Daddario pics remind us what we're missing

08.22.2016by: Droz

It's been over a year since Alexandra Daddario did a photo shoot for anything. Even longer than that since she really showed off those famous proportions of hers in something not a blurry set pic from the BAYWATCH movie. That's way too long a wait for Alexandra goodness. Someone as beautiful and well put together like her should be doing photo shoots like assembly line workers make toasters. I guess Alexandra is content to be desired in absentia. That wasn't always the case. Back when few knew who she was, Alexandra was very much motivated to get herself into a photo shoot. Thus this spread of pics in support of the first PERCY JACKSON movie.

It's amazing to think how clueless many were on the subject of Alexandra. Me included. But then I never was much for film adaptations of books for adolescents. Nor do I have a penchant for shitty horror movies or most of the other things Alexandra was previously known for. If I had seen these pics back then, I'm sure I would have gotten on board the Daddario boat a lot earlier. Unlike Logan Lerman, who just recently got kicked off that boat. That's gotta smart, if only just for the absence of perfect tits. You miss those when they're gone.

Source: NSFW


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