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4/27's Special B-Day Hottie

04.27.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Our very own, The Arrow (aka John Fallon), is turning the big 3-0 today. While I was torn in deciding over who to feature, the hot-ass Sheena Easton (who's turning 49) or the even hotter Jack Klugman (a tender 86), I ended up playing favorites and going from within.

John's been a busy boy lately, with DEADEN, the movie he wrote, produced AND starred in being released on DVD as well as recently completed 100 FEET as well as being in preproduction on THE OCEAN, a thriller co-starring the hottie Dominique Swain. Oh, and he's in production with actress Tara Reid and Brad Dourif on THE BEAUTIFUL OUTSIDERS. Not to mention being the backbone of our horror site, Arrow in the Head. The man is busy, the man is determined and the man is a hottie on a roll. Happy big 3-0, Johnny-Boy! It would have been nice if you'd had some hot T&A shots for me to include, but I'll gladly accept them in my private inbox.

Extra Tidbit: Man looks good in a trench coat too, doesn't he?


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