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40 years on and Christie Brinkley can still bring the SI Swimsuit goodness

02.07.2017by: Droz

Most of you are probably too young to remember when Christie Brinkley became a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit phenomenon back in the late 70s. The result was an unprecedented 3 Peat SI Swimsuit cover for Christie, who became an internationally beloved icon of sex appeal from that point on. I myself am also too young to remember that, so here's a little informative picture set to get ya'll up to speed on why everyone was losing their shit over Christie back in the day.

Christie Brinkley SI Swimsuit 70sChristie Brinkley SI Swimsuit 70sChristie Brinkley SI Swimsuit 70sChristie Brinkley SI Swimsuit 70s

Flash forward 5 decades to Christie's 63rd year and it seems not much has changed. She once again makes sexy miracles happen in the 2017 edition of SI's 50th anniversary swimsuit edition. Only now she's joined by her two hottie daughters, Alexa Ray (left) and Sailor Lee (right), so that all 3 of them can make a nice presentation of their superior family genes. It's interesting how her kids differ. You can easily tell who fathered who here. Yet despite the difference in parentage, they both still take after their mom in all the ways that matter. Must be reassuring for Christie's daughters. It makes the possibility one of them might grace the pages of the 100th swimsuit edition in 2067 not so far fetched.


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