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3 Looks: Sarah Michelle Gellar

12.05.2007by: Cush

Freddie Prinze Jr. has had one of the most mediocre careers I can think of. In fact I would be hard pressed to come up with an actor who had tasted big screen success and starred in so many consistently mediocre films. He wasn't even funny on Friends. Still, I'm pretty sure that I would take his life over James McAvoy's any day, given every evening, after being mediocre from the moment that I got up in the morning, I would go home to and probably fuck Sarah Michelle Gellar.

When I was a kid, she was the hottest chick in Hollywood: fact. What happened between then and now is anybody's guess, but she recently scored herself the Maxim cover and starred in SOUTHLAND TALES. Maybe her time's coming around again?

#3 - 'Daphne Blake ' in SCOOBY DOO

After an acrimonious break up the Mystery Inc. gang are brought back together to waste year another 2 hours, except this time we aren't wasting it at home, we're wasting it in a cinema!

I guess this is just a personal choice, since as I write this I have no reason to think that she looks particularly hot in this role. Although I think that it might have a little something to do with the fact that she is surrounded by douche bags like Matt Lillard and her husband, which make her seem attainable. Or it might just be that anyone looks great next to a horrible animated talking dog. Knee high boots never go amiss either.

#2 - 'Krista Now' in SOUTHLAND TALES

In Richard Kelly's follow up to DONNIE DARKO, Michelle Gellar is an adult film star whose life intertwines with an action star (The Rock) and a fractured cop (Sean William Scott) amidst the backdrop of a futuristic Los Angeles.

Two words: Porn star. Another couple: Of the future. Porn star of the future. So long as the world doesn't go the sexual direction of DEMOLITION MAN, we will be all good with Sarah Michelle Gellar as a porn star from the future.

#1 - 'Kathryn Merteuil' in CRUEL INTENTIONS

Kathryn makes a bet with her step-brother Sebastian (Ryan Phillippe) that he can't sleep with virgin Annette (Reese Witherspoon). Much sexuality ensues.

There's no question about this one. This is Michelle Gellar's WILD THINGS. In fact, this might just be the hottest look and performance of all time to not show tits or ass. How does she do it? Well, being the most sexy, seductive femme fatale fucking helps. Rubbing up against Ryan Phillippe almost makes me think that he isn't a huge douche bag, if only for a moment.

Also of note, she hooks up - without discrimination - with at least two white guys, a black guy and a chick. She's an venereal disease away from being just a hot, intelligent version of Paris Hilton.

And you should definitely re-live that kiss:

Make sure you check out our SCREENCAPS FEATURE on Ms. Gellar!


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