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3 Looks: Keira Knightley

12.19.2007by: Cush

I've gotta say that I never really had much of a thing for Keira Knightley until recently. I'm not really sure what did it for me, it might have been something to do with THIS interview that she did with Kelly Ripa, since she looks incredible in it, but it also might have been DOMINO, that I saw for the first time late the other night. Anyway, join me as I try to make up for lost time in this chick, and prove without a doubt that she needs to get out of those god damned period pieces.

#3 'Cecilia Talis' - ATONEMENT

Fledgling writer Briony Tallis, as a 13-year-old, irrevocably changes the course of several lives when she accuses her older sister's (Keira Knightley) lover (James McAvoy) of a crime he did not commit. After this it gets real sad :(

God, Keira Knightley and period pieces seem to go together like fat kids and cake, but this is probably the first time she's looked absolutely dynamite. The old 'hot library scene' never goes amiss, since it's the great fusion between academia... and sex. Awesome. Plus, chicks in the olden days were easy, right?

#2 'Domino Harvey' - DOMINO

A recounting of the (almost) true story of Domino Harvey, daughter of Laurence Harvey (THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE) who decided to shun a life of wealth, to go hunt criminals.

I'm not really one for short hair, but other than that, Knightley is electrifying as Domino Harvey. Even if I suddenly while writing this paragraph had a Shakespearean epiphany there is no way that I could possibly write something more awesome than the lap-dance scene, so get your swerve on to that real quick:

Back? Right. Also hot, but for different reasons:

Can I top either of those with words? Not really. She's hot. Let's move on.

#1 'Elizabeth Swann' - PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN

In the third film of the trilogy, Knightley is back trying to save Orlando Bloom and the world (in that order) from the villainous Davey Jones and a whole host of other people, most of whom I forgot about by the end of the film.

This could be contentious, I could see that. But in my book, being a mass kicker of ass because you're incredibly fucked up (DOMINO) is nowhere near as hot as being a mass kicker of ass, just because. Which is who she is in the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN films. You get the impression that she could kick some ass during the day and then be a completely normal person in the night, and you throw in a football game and some lamb chops and that's pretty much a dream for me right there.

Also, chicks that are up for getting down and dirty on the beach are - in my experience - a dying breed. And waiting around for Bloom for ten years? I'd definitely take that option, since, you know, no-strings action for a decade and you still get to wind up with her.


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