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3 Looks: Cameron Diaz

02.27.2008by: Cush
I'm not sure if you measured a banana length ways it would be longer than this chick's mouth but somehow she makes it look good. I'm not particularly into legs but Diaz has got a blinding set of stems. I also love that she was blighted by Justin Timberlake for a younger chick, because that can only mean one thing: settling for whoever she can find that will put up with her ass before her biological clock ticks over.

#3 - 'Julie Gianni' in VANILLA SKY

Tom Cruise plays David Aames, a mega-successful publisher whose life is turned upside down when his 'fuck buddy' Cameron Diaz drives him off a bridge. Solid flick from Cameron Crowe.

Diaz should have never signed up for this thing. She looks fucking fantastic for about ten minutes until you realise Penelope Cruz is in this thing and she came to play for keeps. Still, every time you forget about her or Diaz is telling Tom Cruise how she SWALLOWED HIS CUM you remember just how smoking hot she is. Positive is the aforementioned conversation in the car, negative is when she goes bat shit insane later on and ruins a perfectly good sex scene.

#2 - 'Amanda Woods' in THE HOLIDAY... well... shortly after THE HOLIDAY, while doing interviews.

The movie is horrible so don't bother. For a romance flick with two fine looking broads there is remarkably little T&A, although we do get to see Jack Black do his own verbal renditions of a ton of film scores. Still would've preferred the T&A, personally.

Yeah, I cheated, but what of it? I think Diaz is a great lookin dark haired chick. Whenever she has the staple blonde hair she's hot in a goofy chick you could fuck by laughing at her knock-knock joke and throwing a baseball around with her kid brother. But with the dark hair she just looks like some kind of sexual temptress.

#1 - 'Tina Carlyle' in THE MASK

Bank clerk Stanley Ipkiss (Jim Carrey) finds a magical mask that turns him into a green-faced lunatic superhero of sorts. Diaz' first film role!

I could bend and shape these letters to make them into a picture perfect image of a your penis sliding in and out of a buck naked Cameron Diaz and it would in no way be as good as the part in THE MASK where Diaz sings and dances at the Coco Bongo club.

She looks good most of the time nowadays, but in no way as good as she did as a fresh-faced 22 year old in this movie. This was her first film and Jesus did she carry it. The only bad thing about it is that we know she'll never look quite as she did here:


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