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2007 MTV Movie Awards - Hottie Arrivals

06.03.2007by: Seth Gecko
It was a hue event last night as the "2007 MTV Movie Awards" kicked off with a bang as it was hosted by the sexy and talented Sarah Silverman. It was by-far one of the funniest award shows to date as the acceptance speeches were hilarious and the spoofs were pretty damn funny as well compared to the past shows. More importantly though, the HOTTIES were out in style and looking their smokin' hot best as they gave us a nice view on the red carpet. Hotties such as Jessica Alba, Megan Fox, Jessica Biel, Amanda Bynes and many others were in attendance to get our hearts racing. It was a great night overall and we've nearly 100 high-resolution photos to share with all of you from the red carpet. So make sure you check out the huge gallery of photos below and stay-tuned for our exclusive photos from the show itself and any other goodies that roll our way. Enjoy! We'll be making updates all day in this post so check back for all the latest photos!
Click on each photo to enlarge and click here to see all the photos!
jessicaalbamtvmovieawaerds2007 (5).jpg camerondiazmtvmovieawards2007 (4).jpg meganfoxmtvmovieawards2007 (3).jpg jessicabielmtvmovieawards2007 (5).jpg


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