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138 Water hottie Shae Brock is your lifeguard on duty

06.02.2016by: Droz

These newest 138 Water hottie pics are a little different from the norm. Typically the hottie they have on a beach looking bangable with their product is some aspiring model type who definitely looks the part. I'm not going to say that Shae Brock here doesn't belong on a beach or in provocative beach wear. I think it's clear those perfect little hips are just perfect for what they're being tasked with in these pics. That said, Shae isn't the sort of person you might expect to be taking this kind of gig. As you can see by the last few pics in the gallery below where she's serenading drones, Shae is a recording artist with albums and tour dates and everything. I suspect there's a story behind her conversion to water wench. Perhaps life on the road isn't paying the bills well enough. Or maybe Shae just really likes 138 Water this much. In the end it doesn't matter, as I'm just glad to know Shae exists now.

Shae BrockShae BrockShae BrockShae Brock
Source: 138 Water


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