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Kate's first beaver flash

11.25.2006by: John Murdoch
moss-upskirt.jpg Just as we were becoming jaded with celebrity nipple and/or beaver slips due to Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan's overwhelming tally of combined genital slips, along comes a surprise reveal of Kate Moss' well-groomed landscaping to reinvigorate our passion for intentional and/or blatant-invasion-of-privacy acts of public celebrity nudity. Moreover, it's quite an impressive and tactical offering for Kate's inaugural display - her underwear is small enough to allow us a good view of only the exterior but transparent enough to not have the interior shrouded in mystery. If this is the kind of quality we can expect from further beaver slips, we may be looking at a new queen of genital slips, one of whom we may not tire even after countless flashes. Like any avant-garde auteur, however, we'll reserve complete judgement until her sophomore effort. See the extremely NSFW picture HERE.


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